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The Regional Representation of the Forum of Young Diplomats in Wrocław was established in spring 2015. It is a thriving branch of the association, which currently has more than 20 members. Both active members and alumni hailing from Wrocław are successful academically and professionally on many levels – in diplomacy, public administration, EU structures, proudly representing the association at national and international events and conferences. 


We cooperate, among others, with the Regional Representation of the European Commission in Wrocław, the European Parliament Liaison Office in Wrocław or the local European Union Information Point, thanks to which our members gain additional opportunities related to student internships and training. We also offer the opportunity to participate in many national and international events. We were present at the XXXII Economic Forum in Karpacz, the Warsaw Security Forum or the Three Seas One Opportunity conference. We are also open to cooperation with universities and other youth organisations. 


Our Representation initiated, e.g., the Youth Delegate to NATO programme.

RR Wroclaw

What we do?

We regularly participate in meetings with representatives of diplomatic and local government institutions located in Lower Silesia and beyond - we had a study visit to the Consulate General of Germany, the Honorary Consulate of Austria, and had the opportunity to meet many ambassadors and representatives of the consular and diplomatic corps. We also carry out educational activities, promoting knowledge of international relations and helping young people who want to develop a career in this field. Representatives of the Wrocław RR authorities appeared, among others, at a session of the Wrocław City Youth Council, the theme of which referred to the role of young people in diplomacy, sharing their experience and practical tips. Similar meetings took place at universities and schools. We also organise numerous integrations and discussion clubs, as the primary goal of our RR is to create an atmosphere in which it is possible to freely exchange ideas and make long-lasting friendships. The Regional Representation of the Forum of Young Diplomats in Wrocław invites you to join us!


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RR Wroclaw

Regional Board

Former Regional Boards


President: Jarosław Jan Pobihon

Vice-president & Spokesperson: Roman Kościelny

Secretary: Wiktoria Woźniczka


President: Jolanta Pietrasik

Vice-president & Spokesperson: Roman Kościelny

Secretary: Jan Pabisiak


President & Secretary: Kacper Kociumbas

Vice-president & Spokesperson: Roman Kościelny