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The Regional Representation in Warsaw is keen to cooperate with diplomatic offices, universities, local government units, non-governmental organizations, entrepreneurs, media representatives, student organizations and other such entities, from the Mazowieckie Voivodeship and the City of Warsaw. For our part, we are ready to share our experience and enthusiasm with you, to consult on research, to speak on a given topic in the media, or to provide assistance in the implementation of interesting programs and projects, in the field of foreign policy, diplomacy and local politics in Warsaw.


It is worth to emphasize that members of the Forum not only gain knowledge and experience, but also share them. Therefore, within the framework of the “Young Ambassadors” series, members of the Warsaw Representation share their knowledge about different regions of the world, putting themselves in the role of diplomats representing a particular country and interest group. The Forum’s activities are aimed both at its members and directed outward to interested parties. The best evidence of this remains the discussion clubs – organized in English, though not exclusively – which provide an excellent opportunity to exchange opinions, forecasts and knowledge in a wider circle.


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So far, we have worked with:

Institute of International Relations at the University of Warsaw, the UW Student Council, the Euro-Atlantic Student Association at the UW, the Young Diplomats' Student Association at the UW, the Eastern Europe Institute at the University of Warsaw, the Student Association for the Study of Eastern Europe at the UW, the Institute of International Relations at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH), the Student Association for the Polish Foreign Service at the UW, the Student Association for the Young Diplomats at the UW, the Jagiellonian Centre for Research on Emerging Markets, The Workshop for Sociological Analysis, the Robert Schuman Foundation in Poland, Regional Center for the International Debate and Collegium Civitas. Every candidate will find a suitable place in our Representation. Follow us on Facebook and take part in our events!

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