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The Regional Representation from Poznan is one of the most expressive and active representations, new members here have an easy start not only because of the relatively cohesive group of just over 20 people, but also the large representation of Poznan representatives in regional and language working groups in the Forum, often as their coordinators. Among the many events that have passed through this representation in recent years, we can highlight, for example: the organization of the Conference on the 95th anniversary of the birth of Professor Krzysztof Skubiszewski, a series of events with Ambassador Andrzej Byrt, as well as active participation in the organization of the annual Polish Diplomacy Week, the main initiative of the Forum of Young Diplomats.


What we do?

In the capital of the Greater Poland region, the Forum of Young Diplomats cooperates closely with local centers: Adam Mickiewicz University, the Regional Center for International Debate, and the Western Institute. Members of the representative office are mainly students and graduates of prestigious Poznan universities. Among them are people who already realize themselves in international institutions and the Polish foreign service.

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