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The Regional Representation in Krakow is proudly the second largest unit within the Forum of Young Diplomats. Thanks to the organization’s expansive structure, each of us has the opportunity to actively develop our interests and passions around particular policy issues and international phenomenons. Members of the Cracow Regional Representation achieve this through active participation in regional and language groups, as well as participating in conferences, trips and volunteer activities. What’s more, our Representation is building an increasingly close relationship with Jagiellonian University, co-organizing various events such as the Polish Diplomacy Week.

RR Cracow

Cracow Discussion Club

One of the unique elements that distinguishes the Cracow Regional Representation from others is the Cracow Discussion Club. This is a series of regular meetings that take place throughout the year, focusing on the current situation in the world. In addition to this flagship initiative, RR Cracow also takes steps to increase our activity. We organize visits to embassies, consulates and cultural institutions.

RR Cracow

Regional Board